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At Prosperiti Partners, we specialize in asset management, real estate services, capital improvement and development projects throughout the midwestern and northern United States. Our team is with you from concept to completion, from site selection and evaluation to securing approvals, financing and management. We collaborate with trusted partners in the community that help along every step of the way. Our name reflects the service we provide best: helping you and the community to prosper. When you’re ready to make your vision a reality, give us a call.

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Changing Perceptions and Lives

Jamie Thomas, vice president of Prosperiti Properties, says their mission statement is to help the communities they serve to prosper.

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City Beat: Council passes $22M affordable housing plan

Rehabs coming for nearly 300 multifamily units for low- and moderate-income properties

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220-acre industrial park planned in Strafford

A group of local developers received a municipal green light tonight to create a multimillion-dollar industrial park in southwest Missouri.  

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Principal Owner


Titus Williams is the President for Prosperiti Partners, formerly known as Enterprise Commercial Group. He owns and has operated many multifamily and commercial real estate partnerships in the Midwest since 2006. Titus has developed multifamily and commercial buildings with a focus on housing and businesses for the millennial generation. He holds real estate licenses in Missouri.

Titus has previously worked as a financial consultant with an emphasis in mergers and acquisitions for companies like BKD, LLP, a top-ten accounting firm. He also worked with the North Dakota Development Fund analyzing start-up companies in search of loans or equity investments. He previously served as a legislative analyst for the Governor of North Dakota during the 2005 legislative session.



Brad Williams has spent the past 25 years in senior management positions with a focus on strategic planning, management, resource allocation, and mergers and acquisitions. He is a partner, shareholder or member of companies that have a combined real estate value over $600 million. A significant portion of his personal assets are invested in multifamily investment properties as well.

Brad has served the community through such leadership positions as Chairman of the Board of the Fargo Cass County Economic Development Corporation, a member of the North Dakota Development Fund Board, president of the First Lutheran Church Council, and as the chairman of two boards for the Governor of North Dakota, the Workforce Development Council and the Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Advisory Commission